The SBC Café Mocha – The Percolating Plot $150 (for one book; for series, add $25 for each additional book)

Are you a bona fide pantser? Get stuck at the midpoint of every story and give up? Even if you’ve finished your story, is your plot weak or pointless?

Just like a coffee that hasn’t percolated properly, a weak plot can sink your story. Let’s perk, perk, perk it up! And throw in some mocha for extra oomph!

I’ve had years of experience plotting my own books and series as well as helping other authors plot theirs. Plotting can be fun! Especially if you approach it like a movie.

I’ll walk you through plotting your book as if it were a movie script. We’ll nail down your theme, your characters’ internal and external motivations, and discuss ways you can increase the conflict for them from that key opening scene until the final image.


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Questions? Contact Misty. I look forward to helping you take your writing to the next level!